Do you have an idea you'd love created on glass? Perhaps you have an opening or space that poses a unique challenge? You've come to the right place! Sarasota’s leading glass company are experienced in creating glass etchings and carvings, Sarasota Glass & Mirror can take you from the initial idea through to the finished product.

Sarasota Glass & Mirror can develop your ideas to there full potential and we specialize in custom quality work. This means the design is an important part of the finished piece. A fully developed design is important for a high quality etching or carving.

Do you have a piece of glass or an opening that you have an idea for?

Etched glass is used for many purposes. Here are just a few:

  • to provide privacy, yet allow the transmittance of light - living spaces and entryways often require more privacy
  • to enhance personal spaces with images of special significance - bedrooms and offices are ideal for this
  • to block an undesirable view- maybe your neighbor’s house is too close? Maybe a window looks out onto an alleyway? Why not look at something beautiful while still enjoying the transmittance of light?
  • as attractive room dividers or partitions
  • in a lighted base as an elegant night light - adds a dramatic touch as you walk from one room to another
  • in French doors, entries, sidelights
  • on anything glass, large or small
  • as gift items in small frames

A distinctive skylight, sometimes artificial skylights are created with specialized lighting to visually enlarge and enhance a room with a decorative mirror or ornaments - often purchased in quantity as thank you gifts by individuals, realtors, corporations