Furniture Glass Replacement

Glass table tops are pleasing to the eye as decorative furnishings. Sarasota Glass & Mirror offers a variety of designs that can be hand-crafted into any size and shape, with a variety of edges. The glass can be clear, frosted, or tinted, or manufactured to give the appearance of stone or marble. Once cut, the pieces can be etched, beveled, or decorated to your specifications.

Sarasota Glass & Mirror provides custom-measured and fitted glass table tops and replacement glass for all types of furniture for any room in the house. Our skilled technicians will come to your home and offer a professional consultation on edgework detail, glass tint, thickness and safety issues related to mirrors and furniture glass.

We offer an extensive selection of glass products for furniture including:

  • Conference Table Glass
  • Cabinet Glass
  • Table Top Glass
  • Coffee Table Glass
  • Cocktail Table Glass
  • Desk Top Glass
  • Beveled Desk Tops
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Framed Mirrors