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We will be happy to provide you with a free quote but we must visit your location to do so

Please call 941-921-4633 for an appointment. We service most of Manatee county and Sarasota county as far south as Venice/ Nokomis. We will answer your questions, price your job and not push you to make a decision on the spot. Sarasota Glass & Mirror has been in business over 40 years, has an A+ BBB rating and does not use outside sub-contractors.

Should I get an Impact or Non-impact door?

All of the doors we sell are impact rated for our area. If you want glass installed in your door you should strongly consider impact glass. In some cases, you can buy a door with non-impact glass but you must be certain that non-impact glass will comply with your local building codes, your association rules as well as considering any insurance ramifications. If you are in a multi-unit condominium you will be required to have impact glass as most condominiums are considered to be commercial buildings. If you have an association please check their requirements prior to shopping for a new door. With the exception of some high-end doors we only sell fiberglass doors as wood doors warp and most steel doors rust easily.

Side lights

About 90% of the glass styles offered will be available as a side light.

lnswing or Outswing

Everything we do in our area is done with hurricane protection in mind. When a door swings in the only thing keeping it from being forced open is the lock. This is a relatively weak installation. When a door swings out it presses against the frame which is attached to the building and is many times stronger. Building codes generally allow us to install your door either way but please consider the strength aspects of an outswing installation (the pizza guy knows to get out of the way).

Door sizes

Generally 80" or 96" high. 36" width is standard on most new homes but older doors can be narrower. If your door is 30" wide your glass selection is greatly reduced. If your door is less than 34" wide this will eliminate the possibility of a bulky push button lock.


If you have glass above your door it is usually separated by 6" or more of structure (called a lintel) and is actually part of your window package. Transoms are almost always custom and generally are very expensive. We recommend just doing the door and leaving the transom window as is or we can install a new window if it needs replacing.


A field visit is required and we must see the inside to properly bid your job. The only exception is if you are buying a door that you will install yourself and then you are responsible for whatever you order.

Painting or Staining

I know that you do not want to hear this but your door must be painted or stained. If anyone tells you that is not the case, they are doing you a disservice. You cannot leave it in its raw state. With our severe climate, it will not look good for very long and in most cases if it is not finished on all 6 sides you void the warranty. We do have several vendors that will pre-finish the doors at the factory otherwise the door will have to be finished after installation


All of our door installations require a permit.


are purchased separately. You can reuse your existing one if it is good shape.

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All doors are available as a double door. Most styles are available with a sidelight.

Please Note that we do not sell interior doors or screen doors.
Door quotes require a field visit. Please call for an appointment.