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Solid Glass Backsplashes

Elevate Your Kitchen Style with a Stunning Solid Glass Backsplash

A unique way to spruce up your kitchen is by using an IMAGIO solid glass backsplash. Unlike traditional tile backsplashes, this type of material is not difficult to clean and maintain due to its non-porous surface. It also helps to prevent grease, sauces, steam, and other splashes from harming the wall behind your cooking area, making it easier to keep the area clean. The naturally antimicrobial glass wipes off easily with a soft cloth and glass cleaner. Furthermore, it is heat and water resistant, plus it is made with tempered glass, so it stands up well to daily use. It is also suitable for use in commercial kitchens.

Benefits of installing a Glass Backsplash

Glass has superior light reflecting properties, making it an excellent choice for a kitchen backsplash. Tempered glass backsplashes make kitchens appear brighter, more open, and airier. Moreover, they require zero maintenance and will last for a long time. An IMAGIO backsplash can also brighten up dark and unappealing bars, baths, or laundry rooms, and make these spaces appear bigger. Glass is a sustainable material, and it provides health and wellness benefits too. All of these qualities make it the perfect option for a backsplash.

IMAGIO is able to Fabricate a Unique Solid Glass Backsplash for Your Kitchen, wet bar, or Bathroom Area. Our solid glass splashbacks and backsplashes can be as subdued or daring as you wish; the IMAGIO art collection even features patterns made by renowned local and national artists. Everyone has their own individual style. Maybe geometric designs are yours. Explore our design collection image gallery for motivation and observe if one fits your style. If you are unable to find a pattern that suits your style, our artists will assist you in creating a pattern that is exclusively yours.

Benefits of installing a Glass Backsplash

There are a variety of backsplash materials on the market with the most widely recognized as tile. However, solid glass is quickly becoming the backsplash of choice and is replacing grouted tile, stone, and marble applications.

There are plenty of beneficial reasons for glass, from promoting well being to durable design. Watch our short video on tile vs. glass backsplashes.

IMAGIO Glass is Durable

"What happens if a pan hits my glass backsplash if a pan hits it while I am cooking? Isn't glass fragile? " . Yes regular glass can be fragile but IMAGIO glass is tempered glass so its strong enough to hold up to a hammer!

You don't have to just take our word for it either! Check out this short video we made to show you the IMAGIO difference when it comes to solid glass kitchen backsplashes.

Design for YOU

A kitchen backsplash can do so much for the style of a kitchen. Whether your style is retro, neutral or modern it is important to think of your backsplash as a personality piece. The backsplash you choose for your kitchen, should showcase the color scheme and theme of, whether contemporary or traditional. Ultimately, that backsplash is a focal point. And it's an opportunity to be creative, especially with an IMAGIO solid glass backsplash.
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